cover image If Kids Ran the World

If Kids Ran the World

Leo and Diane Dillon. Scholastic/Blue Sky, $18.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-545-44196-4

“If kids ran the world,” this warmhearted manifesto begins, “we would make it a kinder, better place.” Seen against a bright white backdrop, a troupe of children in a rainbow of colors swarms through a flower garden, trimming, watering, and digging. “We’d take care of the most important things,” the children say. “We know people are hungry, so all over the world, everyone would have enough to eat.” They bring barrows and baskets full of delicious food to a banquet table. “Everyone would have a safe place to live.... Friendship, kindness and generosity would be worth more than money.” The Dillons, in their final collaboration (Leo died in 2012), make the creation of this ideal world seem like play; there’s no sanctimony, nor any sense of weary obligation. The spreads balance the lively activity of a parade with the rhythm and poise of classic tapestry. With these images of joyousness and boundless energy, the Dillons affirm and call forth the special gifts children have to give. Two brief afterwords discuss opportunities for kids to get involved and the inspiration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. All ages. (Aug.)