cover image Evvie at Sixteen

Evvie at Sixteen

Susan Beth Pfeffer. Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers, $13.95 (163pp) ISBN 978-0-553-05475-0

This is the first novel in the Sebastian Sisters quintet that recounts the events surrounding the 16th birthday of each of four sisters and their mother Megs. Evvie's birthday promises to be less than glamorous: her great-aunt Grace is bedridden and Evvie is sent to spend the summer with her. Soon after her arrival, Evvie meets two boys, Sam and Schyler. Although Schyler is wealthy and gorgeous, it is Sam who touches Evvie's heart. Her feelings for him are strong enough to withstand the revelation of an unhappy secret about his family's past. But when she learns some brutal truths about her own father and his untrustworthiness, Evvie draws away from Sam. Fortunately, she comes to a new understanding of the many shades of love and truth, and it is this knowledge that enables Evvie to give Sam, her father and herself a second chance. This thoughtful exploration of family ties fairly sparkles with romance; the Sebastians have established themselves as a family to watch. Ages 10-up. (June)