cover image Too Many Pets

Too Many Pets

Jennifer Armstrong. Skylark Books, $2.75 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-553-15804-5

Jenny, younger sister Carrie and their best friends Tina and Hilary run a business called Pets, Inc. They take on almost every kind of pet-related job--from walking dogs to buying birdseed, from cleaning fish tanks to feeding cats. But they are running into problems with a couple of customers--and with their parents. The girls tend Mrs. Mead's sheep, but Mrs. Mead's geese are attacking them. Mrs. Archer, who is very lonely, often takes up so much of the girls' time that they must neglect other clients. And the girls' mothers are exasperated with their phones' being tied up with calls from customers. The second book in the Pets, Inc. series is very similar in format to other series such as the Baby-sitters Club. The four entrepreneurs are all different, and they squabble among themselves fairly regularly. But they aren't quite as stereotypical as those in some series, and their pet-care business adds an unusual touch. Ages 7-11. (June)