cover image GEORGE HARRISON: A Tribute


Geoffrey Giuliano, , read by the author. . Random, $18 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-553-52589-2

Recently deceased rock icon Harrison, known as the "Quiet Beatle," stands out both musically and spiritually as a true man of his times in Giuliano's audio homage. Apart from the overall disjointed organizational style, abrupt tape endings and limiting –90-minute time frame, Giuliano (Dark Horse: The Life and Art of George Harrison) uses a clearly deferential and reflective tone to show how Harrison, "no guitar prodigy," attained his talent through sheer labor. He gives background on Harrison's fortuitous meeting with Paul McCartney at the Liverpool Institute and makes brief references to famed Beatles manager Brian Epstein, Harrison's marriages and child, and his recently publicized bouts with illness and misfortune. Harrison's spiritual journey and lifelong interest in Eastern religion, the profound effect of Ravi Shankar, meditation, the Hari Krishna movement and yoga are more extensively covered (included is a humorous recording of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi talking about the musician). Giuliano's professionally modulated speech and smooth reading style counterbalance the sometimes crackly and unduly long audio clips he relies so heavily upon, making this a satisfying homage. (Dec. 4, 2001)