cover image Blonde Heat

Blonde Heat

Susan Johnson. Bantam, $6.5 (288pp) ISBN 978-0-553-58255-0

Three 30-something blonde bombshells meet up in their hometown of Ely, Minn., to schmooze, booze and have wild sex with younger men in Susan Johnson's chaotic contemporary, Blonde Heat. The ""mind-blowing"" sex that Lily, Ceci and Serena share with their male counterparts, Billy, Zuber and Frankie, begins on page 25, which is not unusual for Johnson's novels, but the lovers' angst-ridden confrontations, hasty bouts of make-up sex and perpetual drunkenness will wear on readers by mid-book. Johnson's latest (after Seduction in Mind) reads like a continual frat party no work and plenty of excess but sorority sisters looking for a racy read may find some temporary thrills.