cover image The Silly Gooses

The Silly Gooses

Dav Pilkey, Sue Denim. Scholastic, $8.95 (40pp) ISBN 978-0-590-94733-6

Pilkey, the mastermind behind the Dumb Bunnies, introduces the Silly Gooses (not ""Geese""--that wouldn't be silly). Mr. Goose floats on a polka-dot raft and sports big cowboy boots and ridiculous hats. ""One day the geese at the pond were sitting in their nests. Mr. Goose was sitting in his bean-bag chair."" Suddenly, the soon-to-be-Mrs. Goose flies into view in a hot-air balloon, strumming a banjo. Mr. Goose places a ring on his beloved's webbed foot, and a Silly Wedding commences. Before long, the Silly Gooses lay two eggs (""Look!"" said Mrs. Goose. ""Triplets!""), and are joined by Silly Babies. Pilkey never shrinks from a goofy joke (e.g., the babies are named ""Ketchup"" and ""Mustard,"" after their favorite ice-cream toppings). The gawky, wide-eyed fowls smile broadly at every slapstick incident, never minding the rest of their staid flock's disapproving glares. Subtlety is anathema here, and clownish colors herald the unserious content; screeching yellow, aqua-blue and purple-people-eater shades combine in lively speckle and star patterns. Pilkey creates an altogether festive mood, cheering those who waddle to a different drummer. Ages 4-8. (Feb.)