cover image Sizzle Reel

Sizzle Reel

Carlyn Greenwald. Vintage, $17 trade paper (336p) ISBN 978-0-593-46819-7

Greenwald’s fun but unfocused debut rom-com sends newly out bisexual Luna Roth, 24, on several missions: find a way out of her toxic work environment at a Hollywood talent agency, pursue her dream of becoming a cinematographer, and finally lose her virginity—with queer superstar actor Valeria Sullivan, no less. Her roommate and best friend, Romy, agrees to help with all three, realizing too late that she feels anything but neutral toward the prospect of Luna ending up with someone else. To have the life she’s always wanted, Luna must come to terms with her developing sexuality, her precarious career in Hollywood, and who she really wants to give her heart to. The story splits its time between Luna’s career and love life, never fully committing to either, which may frustrate readers looking for a satisfying friends-to-lovers romance. Meanwhile, a lack of narrative tension sometimes robs the plot of momentum. Still, Luna’s got a snappy voice, and the abundant pop culture references keep the tale firmly anchored in its Hollywood setting. It’s not perfect, but Greenwald shows real promise. Agent: Janine Kamouh, WME. (Apr.)