Meghan McCarthy, . . Viking, $15.99 (40pp) ISBN 978-0-670-03608-0

Loopy and bright, first-time author/artist McCarthy's George "likes to do many things./ But he loves to be upside down." It sometimes gets him into trouble, however, as do the fantasy scenarios he offers by way of excuses. "George, stop spilling your food," says his mother as he eats his dinner upside down. "I'm a dog!" he answers. His teacher, tutor, the school nurse and the principal can't change George's mind, but when all of the adults try life upside down themselves, George decides he will "do something new and it doesn't get him into trouble. Well... not as much." The closing spread shows him donning a superhero costume with a capital G on the chest; he "flies" upright but threatens a terrified-looking cat ("Super George to the Rescue!" reads the speech bubble). McCarthy's googly-eyed characters look designed for animation. Beginning with the lively endpapers, she often divides the action into comic book–style panels overflowing with surprising perspectives. When George waits in the hall for the principal, for example, readers see the world through George's eyes—as he watches the feet of five people go by, upside down. Then the perspective shifts, as readers see George draw closer in each frame to the principal's door, where the quintet is attempting life upside down. McCarthy's humor is right on target for mischievous younger readers. Ages 3-7. (Mar.)