cover image Look at Me

Look at Me

Niki Daly. Viking Children's Books, $4.95 (18pp) ISBN 978-0-670-81252-3

Childhood moments, ones that might go unnoticed in a busy day, are here expanded into small books. In Look At Me!, Josh has trouble getting sister Suzie to watch himshe is busy inventing games with her friend Andy. Then Josh makes up his own game, and Andy and Suzie like it so much they join in. Thank You, Henrietta looks at a small girl's ""helpfulness'' during the day, from working with Dad on household repairs to bandaging his injured finger. And Just Like Archie explores Tom's feelings when his pet snail is lost and then found; the boy knows he must set the snail free. Though none of these stories have strong enough plots by themselves, together their familiarity is engaging. Daly's homey interiors may give readers the feeling that they are peeking into the lives of real peoplefamilies just like their own. (2-6)