cover image Treasure


Robert Daley / Author Pocket Books $3.95 (0p) ISBN 978-0-671-6

First published in 1977, Daley's exuberant book on treasure hunter Mel Fisher is now updated to include the culmination of Fisher's 21-year search: his discovery last July of a long-lost Spanish galleon containing a fortune in gold, silver and jewelry. Fisher is a character out of tall tales, a huckster who has been able to raise millions for his expeditions because his own belief is total. Over the years he goes through endless investors and inventors, his losses include the death of a son, he bests rival hunters and the Securities and Exchange Commissionall on a guileless faith. Shadowing his physical search of the Florida waters is historian Gene Lyon's engrossing paper chase through musty Spanish archives to document the 1622 shipwreck (which is a fascinating third story in itself). Although readers may occasionally wish for a more sober view,that could never convey the intoxication of a story worthy of Robert W. Service. (April)