cover image Deathport (Horrow Writers of America 3)

Deathport (Horrow Writers of America 3)

Horror Writers of America. Pocket Books, $4.99 (368pp) ISBN 978-0-671-69575-0

``Business as usual'' at Dry Plains International Airport means confronting angry, ancient spirits of Aztecs and other Native American peoples, who, after their sacred land is covered with tarmac, return to seek revenge. This collection of original tales--all set at Dry Plains--is intended as a showcase for 25 members of the Horror Writers of America. The gripping events range from encounters with supernatural spirits and smoking mirrors to terrorist bombings, mysterious killings and horrifying crashes. Michael Arnzen presents an unnerving description of a jet plane flying too high, the pilot apparently trying to reach the moon. As the plane continues to gain altitude, eardrums begin exploding, scattering bits of flesh around the passengers. Kathryn Ptacek tells the story of a bruja (witch) attempting to steal and sacrifice a newborn; the kind passenger who helped deliver the baby in a deserted part of the airport gives chase into haunted underground tunnels. And on some flights leaving this cursed airport, just as many people have always suspected, the air masks don't really deliver oxygen. The scenarios here will be enough to keep many from attempting air travel again for a long, long time. Campbell is the author of Night of the Claw. (Sept.)