cover image Immortals


Andrew Neiderman, Andrew Neiferman. Pocket Books, $4.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-671-70454-4

Drake Edwards is a promising insurance salesman when he is offered three times his salary to sell Youth Hold, an anti-aging cream, to the millions of Americans who fear growing older. Drake's perks as an employee include a drug that not only slows the aging process, but makes him more youthful almost immediately. He also meets the company's founder, Mr. Leon, who appears to be in his 30s but in reality is hundreds of years old. Drake's wife, Cynthia, thinks it sounds too good to be true, and is dismayed by the transformation she sees as her gentle, family-oriented husband displays a growing sense of greed, arrogance and an overly vigorous sexual appetite. When she realizes as well that the spouses of all the other salespeople have ended their lives in suicide or tragic accidents, she begins to suspect foul play. During a climactic trip to meet Mr. Leon, she is given her own chance of a lifetime by one of the boss's aides with a personal vendetta. Despite a disappointing ending, Neiderman ( The Devil's Advocate ) ably plays on society's fear of aging and emphasis on the pursuit of riches. (July)