cover image Why Golf?: The Mystery of the Game Revisited

Why Golf?: The Mystery of the Game Revisited

Bob Cullen, Robert Cullen. Simon & Schuster, $22 (240pp) ISBN 978-0-684-86722-9

A journalist and coauthor of several books about golf with noted coach Bob Rotella, Cullen muses about the game in an effort to find out why people are so passionate about the sport and whether there's a unique psychological trait shared by golfers. Cullen doesn't see himself as an expert player, but that has never diminished his enthusiasm for the game, and he'll get out on any course with any pro golfer. For this book, he's interviewed professional golfers, coaches and scientists to find some reasons why the sport is so important to so many people. While Cullen doesn't reach a specific conclusion, he finds that some people align golf with early man's need for hunting and space. According to Cullen, that's why some people simply go from course to course around the world, eager to play in different surroundings. Other people play in anticipation of that rare incandescent moment when they're able to hit a near-perfect shot. One of the most interesting observations here is Cullen's view of older players. Most of the players on the senior circuit still love the game and still see themselves as learning and improving. Serious golf fans who enjoy intellectualizing about the sport will enjoy this book, but ordinary players looking for practical tips should look elsewhere. (June)