cover image Janet's Thingamajigs

Janet's Thingamajigs

Beverly Cleary. HarperCollins, $15.99 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-688-06617-8

In this third picture book about twins Janet and Jimmy, Cleary's sure ear for the dialogue of young children is evident. Janet collects small objects which she calls ""thingamajigs,'' (mimicking her mother's expression) and keeps in paper bags in her crib. Jimmy wants badly to touch Janet's things; Janet passionately doesn't want him to do so. Readers, both children and adults, will recognize the true-to-life quality of the twins' bickering and of their mother's exasperation. The problem is resolved as both children voluntarily give up the now babyish thingamajigs when their cribs are replaced by real, ``grown-up'' beds. DiSalvo-Ryan's cheery, colorful pencil-and-wash pictures suit the tone of the story exactly. (3-6)