cover image Gray Boy: A Story

Gray Boy: A Story

Jim Arnosky. Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Books, $15 (82pp) ISBN 978-0-688-07345-9

The noted naturalist tells a classic story of a boy and his dog, and in this slim novella he poetically captures the love and loyalty. Gray Boy was Ian's last present from his now-dead father. Ian is devoted to the dog, but Gray Boy is becoming increasingly wild and, after destroying rabbit hutches and the creatures inside, disappears into the hills. Ian wants to follow, but can't while the snow is so deep; months later, after hearing that an injured dog had almost harmed a hunter, Ian makes the journey that he knows will end in Gray Boy's death. Arnosky relates Gray Boy's deteriorating condition and actions with skill; in many ways, these powerful passages are more compelling than the scenes involving Ian. Ages 9-14. (April)