cover image In the Forest: A Portfolio of Paintings

In the Forest: A Portfolio of Paintings

Jim Arnosky. Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Books, $13.95 (28pp) ISBN 978-0-688-08162-1

Few are as uniquely suited to the task of imparting a love of the outdoors--especially to children--as naturalist Arnosky. Living in the Vermont wilderness, he's intimately acquainted with the rhythms and secrets of the places he writes about. He's also a highly talented artist. This happy combination has produced a series of outstanding nature books, and his latest effort is no exception. Evocative oil paintings are accompanied by intelligent commentary on particular aspects of the forest--from the growth cycle that reclaims abandoned farmlands to the various kinds of wildlife one might see. Spanning two seasons, the book's illustrations are alight with the rich colors of autumn and the muted shades of winter. Each page reveals a different setting: the hush of a clearing where a doe rests unafraid, the quiet beauty of a stream, the tranquility of a beaver dam under a quilt of light snow. A real treat for naturalists of any age. Ages 9-up. (Oct.)