cover image This Old Man: A Musical Counting Book

This Old Man: A Musical Counting Book

Tony Ross. Little Simon, $9.95 (12pp) ISBN 978-0-689-71386-6

A long-nosed, bespectacled codger is shown racing across this jolly book's board cover: he's obviously eager to partake of the fun within. A tab on the first spread can be pulled down to start the familiar melody, pushed up to stop it. The energetic old geezer gives a harried youngster a real run for his money, playing ``knick-knack on my shoe,'' knee, door, hive et al. in breakneck succession. As if bursting forth from the constraints of the pages, the old man and his musical colleague frolic in fine fettle on the final pop-out spread. Ross doesn't disappoint: his silly, rambunctious illustrations contain many sly touches. Readers are advised to keep their eye on a spotted pup: as each verse advises ``give a dog a bone,'' this frisky creature is by turns delighted and ecstatic, then overwhelmed and inundated--and finally embroiled in a lovely snit--as the bones pile up and up. Ages 3-8. (Apr.)