cover image Oscar Got the Blame

Oscar Got the Blame

Tony Ross, P. Stewart Stewart Stewart Michael Ross. Dial Books, $11.95 (24pp) ISBN 978-0-8037-0497-8

With bright, splashy pictures Ross tells the story of a boy named Oscar whose invisible friend Billy inevitably gets him into trouble. Among the crimes committed: leaving mud on the wall and puddles on the floor, surprising Granny by placing two frogs in her tartan slippers and creating havoc in the kitchen at breakfast with burned toast, spilled juice, broken eggs, sausages in the toaster and ketchup on the wall. Of course, Oscar's parents are none too pleased with each unruly escapade. They react in red-faced anger and since they can't see the invisible culprit, Oscar is blamed. While Oscar's naughty deeds are understandable and sure to produce giggles, they also deftly demonstrate to children just how irritating even minor mischief can be. Ages 4-8. (March)