Marjorie Priceman, , paper engineering by Bruce Foster. . S&S/Little Simon, $19.95 (14pp) ISBN 978-0-689-83116-4

Priceman (Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin) reconceives the story of the smooth-tongued wolf and his gullible visitor in three dimensions, in this addition to the Classic Collectible Pop-Ups series. Warmly colored in scarlets and magentas, accented with cobalt and pumpkin, Priceman's wallpapered, knick-knack-filled interiors provide the story with cozy domestic touches, and she adds plenty of spice to the text. Dispensing with the lumberjack, her version has Little Red Riding Hood urge the wolf to cook her in a pot with lots of pepper. His sneezes bring forth the missing grandmother, who hurls her false teeth at him and chases him out of the house. Satisfying paper engineering moves the wolf's tongue expectantly across his lips as he waits in Grandma's bed sporting her mobcap, then sends him leaping out of bed toward his wide-eyed victim. After her exciting day, Grandma reads Red Riding Hood an inch-high storybook (thoughtfully included for readers to share) about a girl who does not talk to the big bad wolf, does not leave the path and goes directly to her grandma's without stopping. "That's not a very good story, Grandma," Little Red Riding Hood complains, as a full moon pops up over their little cardboard house. A pop-up standout. All ages. (Sept.)