cover image Click, Rumble, Roar: Poems about Machines

Click, Rumble, Roar: Poems about Machines

. T.Y. Crowell Junior Books, $14.89 (40pp) ISBN 978-0-690-04589-5

Hopkins here offers another collection of poetry based on a single theme. Verses by 12 contemporary poets examine our delight and frustration with the world of machines. With subjects ranging from washing machines to pocket calculators, from river boats to tractors, these poems crackle with images of sounds and animals. A garbage truck is a ""hungry monster'' with ``greedy jaws,'' and a power shovel ``snorts and roars/ Like the dinosaurs.'' A tractor looks as if it is ``ready to leap/ Like a heavy/ Brown/ Grasshopper,'' and a train ``Click-ety, clack-ety, Click-ety/ Clacks'' down the track. Audette's photographs serviceably illustrate each kind of machine with occasional humor and whimsy. Ages 7-11. (July)