cover image New Dieter's Cook Book

New Dieter's Cook Book

. Meredith Corporation, $29.95 (480pp) ISBN 978-0-696-01974-6

With this compilation of many previously published, low-calorie recipes, the Better Homes and Gardens editors contribute another entry to the plain-and-straightforward, unfattening genre. While this one will no doubt appeal to the legions of dieters desperate for ideas that will work, it is not entirely practical for anyone who has a life outside the house. While the book starts with a three-day menu called ``Begin-Your-Diet Menus,'' followed by recipes, there is no shopping list for this section, and not even a pantry section for the rest of the book to aid calorie-watchers in preparing themselves for myriad recipes, the possible advent of binging and the potential for last-minute guests. Unquestionably ingenious calorie- and fat-saving recipes can be found--among them, no- cholesterol brownie bits and taco salad using corn tortillas pressed and then baked--not fried--into a custard cup mold. However, the calorie counts, included prominently with each recipe, can be deceiving; no measurements are given for serving sizes. Moreover, there are inconsistencies. A very basic cookbook like this one demands better. Illustrations not seen by PW. Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book Club featured alternate. (Feb.)