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Eat & Stay Slim

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To help readers lose weight, the editors complement these 125 recipes with advice on devising daily meal plans and with charts that provide details on food exchanges and nutritional components. Most of the collection's quiches, quesadillas, chowders and grilled entrees can be made in less than an hour--due in large part to the use of prepared ingredients. Consequently, purists may balk at using canned pineapple for an ambrosia, instant chicken bouillon granules in a soup, orange juice concentrate in a marinade or even chocolate pudding mix in cream puffs. Yet Chicken in Pumpkin Pepper Mole, a spicy dish made with dried chiles and pumpkin seeds; Spinach Souffle in Cornmeal Crepes; and Gingered Shrimp Appetizers (marinated steamed shrimp wrapped in pea pods) should satisfy almost anyone. While some palates may find dishes like the Bread Pudding with Fruit Sauce, Pepper Corn Bread or the Peach Smoothies (with sugar and pre-sweetened fruit juices) unnecessarily sweet, on the whole this collection serves up sound and interesting low-fat recipes. Included is a chapter of recipes designed to please children's appetites healthfully. (Feb.)