cover image Better Homes and Gardens New Diabetic Cookbook

Better Homes and Gardens New Diabetic Cookbook

Better Homes and Gardens / Author, American Diabetes Association / Edi

If living well means eating well for both the diabetic and his or her family, this book provides a good start, highlighting wholesome as well as realistic, easy-to-prepare meals. Fortunately for the family, what is good for the diabetic is also good for them. For example, there's Roasted Pepper Roll Ups filled with spinach, roasted peppers and white kidney beans; a hearty Mulligatawny Soup; Chipotle Beef Chili and Oven-Baked Cassoulet, a traditional French dish baked for 40 minutes instead of simmered for several hours. Desserts, several of which don't rely on sugar substitutes, are not forgotten. Look for Chocolate-Cherry Biscotti with dried, tart cherries and unsweetened cocoa powder; Berry Ginger Shortcakes uses berries, artificial sweetener and fat-free, whipped dessert topping; Strawberry Cream Pie is made with a splash of tequila or orange juice. Peach-berry Cobbler and Fruit Parfait focuses on fresh fruits, fat-free sour cream and frozen light-whipped dessert topping. There are helpful hints about cooking and sugar substitutes strategically placed after several of the recipes. This collection's only weak point is that readers have to wait until the book's conclusion to find any important supplementary material about dietary restrictions or tips on creating a sound meal plan for the diabetic. (Mar.)