cover image Some Foul Play -OSI

Some Foul Play -OSI

Rudolf Steiner, Anne Quinton, Ann Quinton. Severn House Publishers, $26 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-7278-4942-7

War games become fatal for a British solicitor in the sixth low-key police procedural featuring Petly village Detective Inspector James Roland and Sergeant Patrick Mansfield (A Little Grave). When Michael Benton is shot with a composite bullet instead of a paintball during a weekend game, Roland and Mansfield quickly determine that the culprit couldn't have been a chance passer-by. As they investigate, they discover more than a few blots on the dead man's apparently perfect life: his wife, as well as the wives of two other players, are having affairs with Benton's business partner; the surly warden of the adjoining parkland actively resents the war-gamers romping through the forest; and Benton's neighbor has discovered Roman coins on a piece of land the dead man refused to sell. When the neighbor's wife dies in an apparent suicide, the police suspect a link. But it isn't until they follow the trail of some silver trinkets and Patrick's wife has a secret meeting with one of the suspects that they can successfully solve the case. With little lively interplay between Roland and Mansfield, and with a roster of suspects typical in their small-minded grievances, Quinton serves up a thoroughly average procedural. (Jan.)