cover image No Going Back

No Going Back

Lyndon Stacey. Severn, 27.95 (224pp) ISBN 978-0-7278-6883-1

This stellar first in a new series from British author Stacey (Cut Throat) introduces Daniel Whelan, a 28-year-old former police officer, and his retired police dog, Taz. Daniel has left his wife and his eight-year-old son, Drew, to begin a new life in Devon, working as a delivery man for a farm supply company. When two sisters, 15-year-old Katya and 12-year-old Elena Reynolds, go missing on Dartmoor, Daniel can’t refuse joining in the hunt. A glove of Elena’s provides a scent for Taz, a German shepherd, to follow. That the girls’ father, judging from his accent, might be Eastern European provides a possible clue to their fate. Meanwhile, Daniel must deal with the effect his separation has had on Drew as well as the consequences of his dismissal from the police force. Vivid descriptions of Devon complement a compelling mystery, which builds to a dramatic conclusion. Even nondog lovers will eagerly await the next installment featuring Taz and his handler. (June)