cover image Secrets: A Naomi Blake Mystery

Secrets: A Naomi Blake Mystery

Jane A. Adams. Severn, $27.95 (192p) ISBN 978-0-7278-8290-5

British author Adams's slow-paced eighth Naomi Blake mystery (after 2011's Night Vision) starts with a bang. Molly Chambers, the no-nonsense widow of a diplomat, confronts an intruder in her Midlands home just as he shoots himself in the head with a shotgun, which is later linked to two murders. Molly's "honorary" nephew, Det. Insp. Alec Friedman, who has recently resigned from the force, offers consolation. Reluctantly, Alec reconnects with the police in an effort to coax the silent Molly into telling the authorities what she knows about the suicide victim and possible killer%E2%80%94who was someone she recognized. Meanwhile, Alec and his blind wife, Naomi Blake, strive to end their self-imposed homelessness, and start a new life together. A plethora of characters and subplots involving missing documents, secret identities, and dead bodies will leave readers struggling to discern what the real story is and who the key players are. (Nov.)