cover image THE JEWEL TREE OF TIBET: The Enlightenment Engine of Tibetan Buddhism

THE JEWEL TREE OF TIBET: The Enlightenment Engine of Tibetan Buddhism

Robert Thurman, . . Free Press, $25 (288pp) ISBN 978-0-7432-5762-6

Based on Thurman's six-lesson retreat on Tibetan Buddhism, this accessible book guides readers through the process of enlightenment. Throughout, Thurman (Inner Revolutions ) draws from the Fourth Panchen Lama's text Mentor Devotion to ground his teachings, a surprising choice given that it's an advanced dharma that he concedes is "semiesoteric." Thurman successfully spins the text's interpretation so that it becomes more transparent to a Western audience. He describes Buddhist karma, for example, as "Darwinian evolution with an individual twist," and also cautions readers not to adopt some blissed-out, mind-emptying idea of Buddhism just because they imagine that it's Eastern and therefore superior. "When we seek to enter the path of enlightenment, we have to engage with society." On the other hand, he notes, we also need to embrace ascetics like monks and nuns, and invest generously in their work toward liberation. The book has some truly beautiful moments, as when Thurman encourages readers to meditate on the loving-kindness of their mothers (even the bad mothers, he says, made sacrifices to keep their children alive and fed), or when he offers 11 steps to compassion, love and happiness. Although there are a few hiccups—moments when it becomes obvious that the "root text" of Mentor Devotion is a tricky one indeed—this is a fine tool on the road to enlightenment. (Feb. 10)

Forecast: A nine-city author tour will help promote this title, which is a One Spirit Book Club alternate selection.