cover image Unconditionally Single

Unconditionally Single

Mary B. Morrison, . . Kensington/Dafina, $24 (274pp) ISBN 978-0-7582-1517-8

Hot times in Atlanta, Ga., keep the third installment of Morrison's erotic Honey Diaries blazing, as newly empowered Honey Thomas (formerly known as Lace) turns the tables on some seriously nasty kidnappers. Guns a-blazing, Honey manages to escape from her former pimp, Valentino James, and his dim sidekick, Benito (Honey's former flame), only to hitch a ride with a serial rapist and murderer. After learning of Honey's misadventures, her outrageous bisexual pal, tough Vegas cop Tiffany Davis (“I loved arresting men more than having sex with them”) rides to the rescue. Honey's girls, former escorts she's taken under her wing, also pitch in, but soon ex-stripper Red Velvet takes Honey's place as hostage. Morrison milks the overheated plot for all it's worth, dishing up one problem after another before readers can even catch their breath; unfortunately, the cascade of cliffhangers, while entertaining, makes the neatly wrapped happy ending all the more abrupt and unbelievable. (Aug.)