cover image Delirious


Daniel Palmer, Kensington, $25 (384p) ISBN 978-0-7582-4664-6

Palmer fails to make the most of a promising premise in his uneven debut, a psychological thriller set in Massachusetts. Charlie Giles, a top software engineer at SoluCent, has developed InVision, a supersophisticated car entertainment system that's poised to become the next big thing. Anne Pedersen, a low-level SoluCent marketing employee, tips Giles off that one of his superiors, Jerry Schmidt, will argue against a deal with GM to make InVision standard. When Giles crashes an executive team meeting and confronts Schmidt, Schmidt says he's always supported the deal. Giles's inability to prove that Pedersen works for SoluCent or even exists leads to his getting fired. Giles fears he's falling victim to his family history of schizophrenia after finding a note in his own handwriting listing names of SoluCent executives marked for death. While Giles's unsettling and rapid fall from grace intrigues, a hokey ending will strike many as a copout. (Feb.)