cover image Stolen


Daniel Palmer, read by Peter Berkrot. Dreamscape Media, unabridged, nine CDs, 11.5 hrs., $59.99 ISBN 978-1-62406-827-0

Narrator Peter Berkrot throws himself completely into his portrayal of John Bodine, the book’s narrator, a videogame creator who is desperately trying to hold things together after his wife, Ruby, is diagnosed with a devastating form of cancer. In an attempt to save her life, he concocts a scheme that involves cheating an insurance company out of the fabulous amount it will take to keep Ruby’s cancer at bay. However, Ruby fears the scheme will result in bad karma. And so it does in spades, bringing the couple to the attention of an cruel genius gamer who forces them to undergo a series of increasingly sadistic “tests” of John’s criminal aptitude. These range from simple theft to prostitution and, eventually, murder. Berkrot’s performance captures John’s desperation, as well as Ruby’s weariness and despair and, of course, the smarmy, sarcastic, sinister telephone voice of their tormentor. This audiobook more than delivers suspense and thrills, but may not be suitable for the faint of heart. A Kensington hardcover. (Aug.)