cover image Fabulicious!: Teresa's Italian Family Cookbook

Fabulicious!: Teresa's Italian Family Cookbook

Teresa Giudice, with Heather MacLean. Running, $18.95 trade paper (192p) ISBN 978-0-7624-4239-3

Like its bestselling predecessor, Skinny Italian, Giudice's follow-up contains more of the simple, authentic Italian recipes and reality show quips that made her first book a hit. Whether it's classics like Pesto, fried calamari, and braciole, or comfort food like slow-cooked Chicken Cacciatore served over creamy polenta, Giudice's recipes and instructions ensure quality every time. Some may balk at making fresh pasta for dishes like Franco's Fettuccine with Creamy Portobello Sauce, not to mention their own foccacia for sandwiches, but those who do roll up their sleeves should find Giudice's tutelage useful. Though the recipes don't feel rushed, much of the book, padded with images and stories of Saturday morning pancake breakfasts, does. A startling number of pages are devoted to glossy photos, seemingly from the same day, of family members in varying combinations. When a particular recipe is featured, it is often given two pages (recipe; picture). Traditionalists in search of a collection of classic recipes will appreciate Giudice's aversion to corner-cutting, and her calorie-cutting tips, and fans of The Real Housewives will lap it all up. Those searching for a more expansive take on Italian cuisine, however, will feel cheated. (May)