cover image Fabulicious! On the Grill: Teresa's Smoking Hot Backyard Recipes

Fabulicious! On the Grill: Teresa's Smoking Hot Backyard Recipes

Teresa Giudice with Heather Maclean. Running Press, $20 trade paper (208p) ISBN 978-0-7624-4977-4

Reality TV star Giudice and co-author Heather Maclean take Italian cooking to the backyard grill in the duo's third cookbook collaboration . Giudice, who believes grilling food is "healthier because you are essentially burning the fat off of it," offers ideas on how to properly prepare, and afterward clean, barbecues. She provides recipes for everything from antipasti and pizza to chicken and seafood. The northern New Jersey resident and mother of four uses recipes that celebrate easy summertime entertaining. In addition to items from the outdoor grill, she includes complementary dishes like macaroni salad with pepperoncini and a red potato salad. Giudice livens up the book by including Italian phrases and their cultural significance such as "Quanne piscia %E2%80%98a gallina!" which is used to say "it is never going to happen" but literally translates to mean "when the chicken pees." Aside from these quirks, the cookbook seldom provides anything new or extraordinary. Giudice's thoughts on local farmers markets, for example, have been uttered by scores of others. Occasionally Guidice gives into her brassy TV persona with such comments as when she compares overloaded pizza dough to "a boob-job gone bad%E2%80%94sad and saggy." This may humor her fans, but will prevent the book from reaching new audiences. (May)