cover image From This Moment

From This Moment

Elizabeth Camden. Bethany, $14.99 trade paper(368p) ISBN 978-0-7642-1721-0

Mystery, romance, and a touch of faith are interwoven in Camden's (Into the Whirlwind) historical novel, set against the backdrop of the building of the first American subway in 1897 Boston. Romulus White is the well-dressed editor and publisher of Scientific World magazine. Ten years after a broken engagement, he enjoys women's company "far too much to settle down with just one." Stella West is a Cornell-educated artist working in London; White has been trying for three years to woo her to work as an illustrator for his magazine. When he learns that she is now living in Boston and working at City Hall as a stenographer, Romulus is thrilled. He can't pry her away from her new job, though; she has taken it in an effort to discover the true circumstances behind her sister Gwendolyn's unfortunate death. Stella soon realizes that Romulus is one of her only allies in the city and starts to lean on him for help and friendship, but when misfortune befalls both of them, he is eager to sever ties. Camden's mixing of romantic tension and the mystery of Gwendolyn's death will keep readers engaged until the last page, and the ending will bring a smile to the fans of historical romance. (June)