cover image True to You

True to You

Becky Wade. Bethany House, $13.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-0-7642-1936-8

Wade begins her new Bradford Sisters series by introducing Nora Bradford, a self-described academic in her less-than-highbrow family. Nora and her sister Britt are participating in a staged emergency situation when she meets John Lawson. She is immediately attracted to John, drawing him into her storybook romantic fantasies, and becomes disappointed after discovering that John is already in a relationship. But the attraction is clearly more than one-sided after John recruits Nora to help him find his birth mother. The journey brings Nora and John together, allowing them the time to learn about one another. While the story is Nora’s, Wade successfully develops each character, especially Nora’s two sisters, Britt and Willow, who have particularly distinct personalities and voices. Though they did not plan on falling in love, Nora and John keep gravitating towards each other. When a connection from their past is revealed, both are forced to face the pain and uncertainty that they had been trying to avoid. Britt and Willow step in as a strong support system to Nora and provide much-needed humor. Wade starts this new series off strong, introducing characters that are easy to invest in. Agent: Linda Kruger, Fogelman Literary Agency (May)