cover image Sweet on You

Sweet on You

Becky Wade. Bethany House, $13.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-0-7642-1938-2

Wade’s pleasing finale to the Bradford Sister Series (after Falling for You) follows Britt, the youngest sister, as she faces the truth about how her longtime best friend Zander Ford has really felt about her. Zander, a renowned author, returns to Merryweather, Wash., from an 18-month world tour to mourn the death of his uncle. From the moment he’s back, he realizes that his unrequited love for Britt, his exuberant childhood friend, hasn’t changed at all. Britt, a successful chocolatier with a thriving business, ignores the twinges of attraction she feels for Zander and is unwilling to explore a romance with the guy everyone else thinks is perfect for her. But when it’s discovered Zander’s uncle might have had a second identity, Britt volunteers to help investigate his past, uncovering a dangerous mystery. In the process, headstrong Britt must face appearing needy and weak—even in front of God—and Zander must confront his greatest fear: losing Britt. Britt’s sisters return as strong support characters. Wade will delight readers with mouthwatering descriptions of chocolate and cozy scenes of friendship. Series fans will find this a fitting conclusion. (Apr.)