Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey & Peter F. Neumeyer

Edited by Peter F. Neumeyer. Pomegranate, $35 (256p) ISBN 9780764959479

Beginning in 1968, Neumeyer and Gorey collaborated on several children's books, including Why We Have Day and Night, Donald and the ..., and Donald has a Difficulty. In this beautiful volume, printed on heavy paper with numerous illustrations and black and white and color photos, Neumeyer shares his and Gorey's lengthy correspondence during this time. The letters are notable for the clear rapport that these creative individuals found, with discussions of projects, favorite books, travels, and daily life, and offer a window into the creative process. Readers will be privy to good and bad days for both men. Neumeyer has included not only photos of himself and Gorey, but photos of their letters, as well as envelopes and postcards that Gorey illustrated, Gorey's illustration lists for books, and illustrations reproduced from the books. The letters invite readers to slow down and peruse the meanings of friendship, communication, and art. (Sept.)