cover image Running with the Dead: A Chris Sinclair Novel

Running with the Dead: A Chris Sinclair Novel

Jay Brandon, . . Forge, $24.95 (320pp) ISBN 978-0-7653-0893-1

Edgar finalist Brandon's compelling novel may be low on humor, but it's high on legal twists and turns. Soon after starting his career, San Antonio lawyer Chris Sinclair defended his longtime friend, high school teacher Henry Claremont, against a charge of rape brought by a student—though in doing so, he had to expose an affair Claremont was having with a fellow teacher. When Claremont was acquitted, someone in town disagreed and beat him to death one night at a local park. Four years later, new clues uncovered by the Texas Rangers point to school administrator and basketball coach Hike Grimason as Claremont's killer. After Grimason is indicted, however, Sinclair is unable to focus as directly as he'd like on the coach's upcoming trial, since someone is now stalking him, possibly a convicted multiple murderer he sent to prison or possibly the man's twin. Brandon (Fade the Heat ) provides intelligent entertainment for lovers of courtroom drama. (Oct.)