cover image The Severed Streets

The Severed Streets

Paul Cornell. Tor, $26.99 (416p) ISBN 978-0-7653-3028-4

Cornell follows London Falling with new personal, political, and procedural adventures for Det. Insp. James Quill and his three Sight-gifted colleagues. The team is being strangled by austerity measures and a mission that’s difficult to justify to superiors who don’t know about or believe in magic. This fast-paced thrill ride doesn’t skimp on the grit and gore as a Jack the Ripper copycat—whom only the Sighted can see—begins targeting London’s rich and powerful white men. Cornell doesn’t sidestep personal drama, either, as the investigators pursue disparate and sometimes conflicting personal goals, both in and out of the “other” world, sacrificing much in the process. Although there are some gimmicky side plots that draw attention and pages away from the main focus, the team’s continued struggle to understand the dark and terrifying side of London is gripping. This book is a strong follow-up, a good standalone story, and an excellent read for fans of dark urban fantasy. (May)