cover image This Damned Band

This Damned Band

Paul Cornell and Tony Parker. Dark Horse, $17.99 trade paper (160p) ISBN 978-1-61655-779-9

Using a slice-and-dice filmic perspective, writer Cornell (Doctor Who) roots his chaotic narrative around one you-had-to-be-there moment that he circles back to with increasing centrifugal force and ever more energetic artwork by Parker (Mass Effect). The story follows Motherfather, an arena rock band circa 1974. They’re laden with the expected Spinal Tap–esque trappings: the happily cynical lead singer in the Roger Daltrey–like vest, contract riders demanding particular colors of Smarties in the dressing room, bare-midriff groupies flinging themselves onto the members like moths into a candle, and a documentary crew catching it all on film. The band is dealing with the usual tensions of being in fame’s drug-fueled spotlight, and they’re also having a larger issue: they may just have brought the devil incarnate into the world during a concert. That could explain their visions, why all the groupies are disappearing, and their manager’s gleeful sadism. Or it could just be a very, very bad trip. This is a witty twist on classic rock’s infatuation with the dark arts. (May)