cover image Blood Always Tells

Blood Always Tells

Hilary Davidson. Forge, $25.99 (320p) ISBN 978-0-7653-3354-4

In this riveting standalone from Anthony Award–winner Davidson (Evil in All Its Disguises and two other Lily Moore mysteries), former model Dominique Monaghan decides to accompany her married ex-boyfriend, Gary Cowan, from New York City to his country place in the Hudson Valley as part of a blackmail scheme to destroy Gary’s sham marriage to wealthy Trin Lytton-Jones. On arrival upstate, the pair are kidnapped and taken to an abandoned house in rural Pennsylvania. Gary claims to have orchestrated the kidnapping himself as part of a plan to kill Trin, but Dominique finds evidence that suggests otherwise. While the many double-crosses, shifting allegiances, and convoluted plot twists wear thin after a while, the relationship between Dominique and her brother, Desmond Edgars, who comes to Pennsylvania to investigate his sister’s disappearance, keeps the reader turning the pages; the siblings’ emotional solidity is a welcome respite from the sordid ploys of Gary’s enemies. [em]Agent: Judith Weber, Sobel Weber Associates. (Apr.) [/em]