cover image The Fragile Threads of Power

The Fragile Threads of Power

V.E. Schwab. Tor, $29.99 (656p) ISBN 978-0-7653-8749-3

Bestseller Schwab revisits the world of the Shades of Magic series—where multiple alternate Londons feud with one another—in the action-packed start to a new spin-off series. The lives of Kell Maresh, Delilah Bard, Alucard Emery, and King Rhy Maresh have changed much in the seven years since A Conjuring of Light concluded. When Rhy’s life is threatened, it will take the abilities of all to find his would-be assassins. Meanwhile, Schwab introduces Tesali “Tes” Ranek, whose talent for fixing things comes from her rare ability to see threads of magic and manipulate them to her will. Tes uses this skill to earn a living but keeps her powers a secret by inventing a powerful man to whom she claims to be merely an apprentice. When she’s presented with a piece of technology that could turn the tide of power in Red London, her world begins to waver—as do the walls keeping Grey London, White London, and Black London at bay. Schwab cleverly builds on her existing worlds, introducing new threats and expanding the magic system. The new characters captivate and the plot twists shock. While readers visiting the Shades of Magic universe for the first time may miss some nuance, fans will devour this exciting return. (Sept.)