cover image Impersonations: A Story of the Praxis

Impersonations: A Story of the Praxis

Walter Jon Williams., $17.99 trade paper (256p) ISBN 978-0-7653-8781-3

Thousands of years in the future, Captain the Lady Sula is a war hero who almost single-handedly defeated the alien Naxids when they attempted to seize the empire of the Praxis from the vicious Shaa, who rule the Earth with bloody tyranny. She’s been exiled to Earth, now considered a backwater planet, as punishment for renegade actions. Sula has always wanted to see Earth, and now she’ll have her chance, but when someone from her past contacts her, she’s terrified that her secrets just might catch up with her. Nebula-winner Williams returns to the world of the Dread Empire’s Fall series (The Praxis, etc.) for a new tale featuring a flawed, brilliantly tenacious woman who is determined to succeed no matter the cost. Sula’s globe-hopping and almost obsessive interest in human history and behavior (including a future version of live-action role-playing) provide an exciting backdrop for crackling action scenes and vivid storytelling. Readers will savor this intriguing glimpse into the life of a woman who struggles with her own identity and the price of her actions, and who may be up against an enemy even more cunning than she is. (Sept.)