cover image The Diplomat’s Wife

The Diplomat’s Wife

Pam Jenoff, . . Mira, $13.95 (360pp) ISBN 978-0-7783-2512-3

Jenoff’s stirring sequel to her debut, The Kommandant’s Girl , chronicles the perilous post-WWII adventures of Marta Nederman, a member of the Polish resistance and best friend of the earlier book’s heroine. When the Allies liberate Dachau, where Marta has been imprisoned and tortured by the Gestapo, Paul Mattison, a handsome American soldier, tenderly gives the weakened Marta a drink of water. Later, at a refugee camp outside Salzburg, Austria, Marta befriends Rose, another recovering survivor. After Rose’s sudden death, Marta is able to use Rose’s visa to travel to London. When en route Marta runs into Paul in Paris, the passion between the pair ignites. They promise to meet in two weeks, but tragedy ensues when Paul’s plane crashes in the English Channel. Pregnant with Paul’s baby, Marta marries Simon Gold, a British diplomat. Two years later, Marta goes on a dangerous mission to Poland, where a Communist takeover is imminent and where the seesaw plot takes more than one surprise twist. Historical romance fans will be well rewarded. (May)