cover image Hidden Things

Hidden Things

Pam Jenoff, Atria, $22.99 (320p) ISBN 978-14165-9071-2

What kind of man could fake his own death and then, for more than a decade, let his loved ones suffer? After such a betrayal, what woman would want him back? Meet erstwhile Cambridge University sweethearts Jared Short and Jordan Weiss, whose star-crossed odyssey continues in Jenoff's intriguing sequel to Almost Home. Following Jordan's discovery of Jared's apparent survival—and her own narrow escape from enemies still out to silence him—the plucky young diplomat chucks her State Department commission to seek closure. But instead of answers, what lies ahead on a perilous chase stretching from London to the Aegean are more conundrums. Along the way, Jordan encounters Ari Bruck, a seductive mystery man who might be a Mossad agent, and Nicole Short, an elegant blonde who apparently runs in the same circles as Jared. Despite some lazy writing and less than convincing plot elements, this thriller should keep romantic suspense fans hooked until its explosive climax. (July)