cover image The Noticer

The Noticer

Andy Andrews, Author . Thomas Nelson $17.99 (176p) ISBN 978-0-

Bestselling inspirational writer and speaker Andrews (The Traveler's Gift ) again blends fiction, allegory and inspiration and seasons it with a dash of autobiography. The result is a readable little tale of a mysterious old man named Jones—”just Jones, no mister”—who shows up in the lives of people in crisis. Jones brings the gift of perspective—he “notices” alternative ways to think about things. Some of what he says is common sense: “yes, sir” works better than “I guess.” Some of what he says counters received wisdom: do sweat the small stuff, because little things can make a big difference as surely as brushstrokes make up a masterpiece. The narrator “Andy” is personable and appealing, and Jones is mysterious and brusque enough not to be a cloying Pollyanna. The title is awkward and not everyone likes motivational books, but many readers do. Andrews brings a track record, wordsmith skills and, best of all, an imagination. (Apr. 28)