cover image Creative Mending: Beautiful Darning, Patching, and Stitching Techniques

Creative Mending: Beautiful Darning, Patching, and Stitching Techniques

Hikaru Noguchi. Tuttle, $16.99 (104p) ISBN 978-0-8048-5474-0

“Darning is mindful in so many ways, and I’m sure there are many who experience the sense of satisfaction and personal healing that darning can bring,” writes textile designer Noguchi (Darning: Repair Make Mend) in this rewarding guide to fixing worn clothing. She kicks things off with an overview of tools and thread types required for darning, then covers four basic techniques: goma-shio (the Japanese word for sesame salt, as the stitches look like sesame seeds), basket (crossing vertical and horizontal threads), honeycomb (which is ideal for socks), and tambourine darning (a circle stitch that’s “pretty and cute”). Next come seven advanced techniques, among them repairing inseams, fixing large holes, and several variations on patching. Noguchi provides plentiful examples along the way, and offers several projects to put the techniques to work; readers will learn how to cover up stains on a dress, make damaged hems beautiful, and repair torn denim pockets. Noguchi has a gentle touch that prioritizes fun over perfection, and her appreciation for her craft is motivating: it’s important to “feel compassion” for a worn-down item, she writes, and “befriending damage or wear will naturally create a change in your relationship with clothing and objects.” Readers looking to get more miles out of their wardrobe should give this a look. (Mar.)