cover image The Road to Bethlehem: An Ethiopian Nativity

The Road to Bethlehem: An Ethiopian Nativity

Elizabeth Laird. Henry Holt & Company, $0 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-8050-0539-4

With unique style and skill, Laird has compiled an Ethiopian nativity based on a composite of ancient texts which recounts the familiar epic of Joseph and the Virgin Mary, Christ's birth and the flight into Egypt. Informative explanations of symbolic content and historical detail accompany vellum paintings, photographed from the British Library's collection of period manuscripts. These interpretations help the reader understand an exotic culture and its ways. There is much to digest: a foreword by Terry Waite; a summation of Christianity's origins in northern Africa; and the modern translation itself. This book will best suit readers whose curiosity will be aroused by such an intriguing subject, or those mature enough to appreciate the intricacies of the effort. All ages. (October)