cover image At Daddy's on Saturdays

At Daddy's on Saturdays

Linda Walvoord Girard. Albert Whitman & Company, $14.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-8075-0475-8

Katie's parents divorce, and jointly decide that she should live with her mother, because her father travels so much. The narration concerns the adjustment of each member of the family to the father's living elsewhere. The author explores many truths: that the divorce seems ""like somebody was throwing someone else away,'' that being with her father on Saturdays is sometimes even boring, just like the old days, and that even after adjustment Katie still feels hurt ``and probably always will.'' The parents act as a team, telling their child that, no matter what happens in other families, this Daddy will always show up when he says he will. Sensitive watercolors enhance the various moods of the book, which isif not originalreassuring. Ages 5-8. (August)