cover image The Day the TV Blew Up

The Day the TV Blew Up

Dan West. Albert Whitman & Company, $11.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-8075-1491-7

When Ralph Bean's TV blows up, the boy does not know what to do. Neighbor Thelma Meeserminder suggests going to the library, but Ralph has never heard of a library. Booksfor free? What a concept! ``Is it legal?'' asks Ralph. First Ralph hangs out in a tree out in front of the library to observe the comings and goings. He is impressed with the quiet in the library; he spies a creature from outer space at a nearby table, reading a book entitled How to Repair Your Spaceship. After spending some time poking around, Ralph leaves the library with three selections of his own: TV Repair Made Difficult, Catherine Zambini Girl Lion Tamer and Crime and Punishment. Later in the day, Ralph's friend Thelma suggests going to the park. ``What on earth is a park?'' asks Ralph. West successfully pokes fun at the very real and sometimes severe limitations that a life of constant television can engender, without seeming too preachy. The book is enlivened by humorous two-color illustrations of Ralph and his rehabilitation. Ages 7-10. (April)