cover image A Halloween Mask for Monster

A Halloween Mask for Monster

Virginia Mueller. Albert Whitman & Company, $13.95 (24pp) ISBN 978-0-8075-3134-1

A young monster, appropriately named Monster, needs a mask for Halloween. He tries on a girl mask and frightens the fangs out of his older sister. ""Too scary,'' he decides. A boy mask causes his mother to drop her vacuum cleaner mid-sweep. Dog and cat masks have similar effects on Monster's father and baby sibling. Then, looking into a mirror at his own face, Monster says, ``Just right.'' His father then takes the monster children trick-or-treating, while Mom waves from house. This is a clever to-thine-ownself-be-true twist, made even more agreeable because of Munsinger's good-natured pictures. Readers may wish, though, that the artist had taken a bit more license with the action when Monster scares his familythose scenes are pretty sedate. Still, this is a small, winning book. (2-5)